Richmond Centre
Outstanding Constituent Award 2023-2024

The Richmond Centre Outstanding Constituent Award 2023-2024 recognized individuals whose efforts significantly enriched the fabric of our local community. This year's recipients demonstrated exemplary leadership, compassion, and a strong will to improve the lives of those around them. Their contributions spanned various spheres, from education and healthcare to senior advocacy. Through their remarkable initiatives and selfless acts, these recipients served our Richmond Centre community and beyond.

Devinderjit Kaur Bassi

Ms. Devinderjit Kaur Bassi embodies the nursing excellence, a compassion, kindness, and unwavering leadership. For over 16 years, she has been the advocate for patients, community at large, and fellow nurses within the Richmond Centre, shaping the landscape of community and healthcare with her remarkable dedication. With a heart brimming with compassion, Ms. Bassi approaches every patient encounter with genuine empathy and understanding. Her kindness radiates through her actions, leaving a lasting impact on those she cares for.

Furthermore, Ms. Bassi is a fervent advocate, tirelessly championing the rights and well -being of both patients and nurses alike. Whether speaking up for improved patient care protocols or advocating for better working conditions, she is unwavering in her commitment to effecting positive change. Her advocacy extends beyond the confines of the hospital walls, as she tirelessly works to address healthcare disparities and promote equitable access to care within the community.

Alan Hong Yiu Chan

As a board member of these non-profit organizations, I have been actively involved in organizing numerous key annual events including the Richmond Kiwanis Club’s golf tournament, the Youth Chess Tournament, and the Hope of Canada Citizenship Awards for deserving elementary school students. Recently, I was part of a dedicated team that organized the Richmond Kiwanis Fundraising Gala, which not only unified our community but also significantly supported our initiatives for senior living. This event was a collective effort that showcased the strength of our community working together to support important causes. My efforts are particularly focused on enhancing senior living conditions in Richmond Centre.

Working closely with community members, the City of Richmond, and various partners in the public and private sector, I advocate for and help develop affordable and accessible housing solutions. This commitment is underscored by my active involvement in a new project to introduce 58 senior rental units to the market—a significant step towards providing comfortable and supportive environments for our seniors.

Iris Wing Hin Chan

Central to my teaching philosophy is empowering students to become self-directed learners, taking ownership of their learning. Music serves as a vehicle for self-efficacy and socio- emotional learning, empowering students to realize their full potential while being social responsible individuals. Every year on Remembrance Day, I have the privilege of bringing my Choir to sing in front of the Cenotaph at the City Hall. Though students hold high esteem from this opportunity, it is not about the music; but about paying tribute, serving, and being part of the ongoing story of our country. While organizing extra-curricular performance trips allows students to enhance their musical skills, trips also allow students to connect with others from different backgrounds, share music, and cultivate a passion for life.

In particular, I have witnessed how music has become a beacon of hope for at-risk teenagers, inspiring them to stay in school, finding a sense of belonging through music performance. Among multiple students’ achievements, one of the highlights of my teaching journey included preparing students to perform at the Nationals’ MusicFest Canada during the pandemic. Despite having restrictions and safety precautions in place, my students performed at the virtual festival and won the Nationals’ Gold award. Seeing them excel and showcase their talents on a national platform brought me immense joy.

Clara Chow

I was born in Hong Kong. I immigrated to Canada and settled down in Richmond with my husband and three children in 2003. I started my first volunteer work since 2004 until now for almost 20 years. I firstly joined Richmond MP’s Office as outreach volunteer and Richmond Chinese Community Society in 2005/2006 as director and then served as President in 2009 and 2010. I also joined Vancouver Diamond Lions Club as chartered Director since 2007 and served as President for 2 terms. During the period, I have built up a strong sense of community – a desire to help others.

Over the years of serving as RCCS director and a Lion, I discovered that there was a big group of aging population in Richmond. In particular Chinese seniors who have frequently encountered language barriers, isolation, lack of social life etc. I introduced RCCS Seniors Health Fair in 2011 and also founded the RCCS Active Living Seniors Group in 2016 hoping that we could offer help to the seniors in need. 

During the pandemic, I have hosted monthly zoom health talks on different topics so that the seniors could remain at home but. I also initiated the first RCCS Asian Heritage Fair inviting different ethnic groups to jointly participate and showcase their unique cultures in order to enhance better and mutual understandings. The Fair has become an annual event of RCCS. In 2019, I helped set up the RCCS Seniors Drama Theatre by providing a safe environment for seniors to enjoy acting, socializing, sharing of experiences, enhancing their memory etc. I have also been a committee member of the Advisory / Steering Committee of Trinity Western University for Richmond Campus since 2013.

Traci Rosanne Corr

My name is Traci Corr, and I am honoured to be nominated for this award. I was born in Vancouver but grew up in Richmond and have spent almost all my life living in Richmond Centre. Volunteering and giving back to my community is a big part of my life. My passion is supporting vulnerable communities and working with others to ensure to ensure equitable access to services and safe spaces for everyone.

Presently, I volunteer as Board Co-Chair of the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (RWRC) where we work hard for equity for women in our Richmond community and in support of our vision for “Thriving Women, Thriving Communities.” I am also a Director and Board Secretary at the Sharing Farm, reflecting my interest to ensure food security and sustainable agriculture in our Richmond community. I am a Director at Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, where I work with others to support many worthwhile community causes, including ensuring best outcomes for our Richmond seniors and for families who may need help, via our Christmas fund. I am a long-term volunteer with Arthritis Research Canada, supporting new learning and serving as an advocate for equal opportunities for those who experience different physical abilities. I am past Director at Richmond Public Library, supporting New to BC, early childhood literacy and initiatives that build important community connection. I also volunteered for many years as an activity assistant and friendly visitor at Rosewood Manor Seniors Centre.

Professionally, I am a healthcare professional, with experience in high-acuity clinical, management and research settings. My career has included working in clinical cancer settings, at BC Children’s Hospital, at BC Cancer Agency, as Manager of Clinical Trials, and with the Ministry of Health, as Provincial Blood Office Utilization Manager. I am also a dedicated life-long learning, and a Triple Alumni from UBC with Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing.

Romi Man Oh Fung

Dr. Romi Fung is a Naturopathic Physician on a mission to optimize the health of the community. Through his five years of clinical practice in Richmond, Dr. Fung has successfully worked with thousands of patients looking for answers for their cardiovascular, digestive, hormonal, and cognitive health. Dr. Fung has a long history of community engagement. At 35 years of age, he has over 20 years of volunteer engagement in Richmond. He started serving the seniors in senior centres, residence and homes as a rehabilitation assistant, which developed his passion in geriatric health.

He has led volunteers in leadership roles from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as a volunteer captain at the Richmond O Zone celebration site and WinterFest events in celebrating the arts, and even welcoming the visitation of the Japanese Emperor and Empress in 2011. 

Dr. Fung has presented engaging health seminars at the various community organizations of Richmond, including at all the community centres such as Thompson, Cambie, Steveston, South Arm, City Centre, Minoru and West Richmond, Richmond Public Library Brighouse Branch, S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Rotary Club of Richmond, Beth Tikvah Congregate, Minoru Centre for Active Living, Canadian Association for Retired Persons, and Richmond City Hall.

Dr. Fung’s impact extends far beyond the confines of his practice, as evidenced by the over 200 seminars he has conducted in the past five years, touching tens of thousands of lives in the process. Moreover, his mentorship has shaped the careers of over 80 graduates from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, two of whom are now making a positive difference in Richmond itself. Dr. Fung’s tireless dedication has earned him widespread acclaim, with attendees consistently praising the depth and impact of his seminars. His unwavering commitment to community health has made him a renowned figure and a beacon of inspiration in Richmond and beyond. 

Tony Hsu

Tony Hsu has been an outstanding community leader in the Richmond Centre community for many years. Professionally, he has been operating his accounting firm in the community for more than 7 years, serving thousands of Richmond Centre residents diligently every year. Not only that, but he has also been offering free tax clinics for elders and students for many years. He is one of the most highly reputed accountants in the Chinese community of metro Vancouver.

Outside of work, being a 7-time director and the 31st President of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce In BC, he has organized and facilitate countless business events in Richmond for the past 7 years to assist local small businesses and consumers, such as Real Estate Expo, Beauty Expo, Travel Expo, SuperCar Expo, Career Expo, Meals for Essential Health worker’s drive, countless professional seminars and networking events in Richmond. You may refer to the following link for some of his works, especially in 2022 and 2023, or the attached TCCBC’s annual book recap. In addition, he has been volunteering as a Treasurer or director for various organizations such as Churches and Office building strata committee for many years.

Dr. Peter Ling

I am Dr. Peter Ling, a General Internist at CRC Health Centre Clinic and Richmond Hospital, as well as the co-director at the BC CardioMetabolic Clinic. Being considered for the Richmond Centre Outstanding Constituent Award 2023-2024 is a profound honor. Since 2014, I have worked with a dedicated team of over 30 healthcare professionals, serving more than 40,000 patients in an effort to close the healthcare gap in our community.

My focus extends beyond general internal medicine to optimizing cardiometabolic risk factors such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, which are pivotal in preventing life -threatening complications like heart attacks and strokes. Beyond the clinic, I engage in community outreach, participating in events to educate the public about important health issues. This nomination is a testament to the hard work of the entire team at CRC Health Centre. Receiving this award would not only recognize my personal efforts but also highlight our collective mission to enhance the health and wellness of Richmond. I am dedicated to continuing this essential work, aiming to make a lasting impact on the community we serve.

Peter Michell

Peter Mitchell has been an integral part of the Ukrainian Society of Ivan Franko Board of Directors for two years and a very active member of the Society.

His participation on our Board of Directors as we continue to serve the community and provide opportunities to preserve and share our culture has been excellent. His dedication, leadership and expertise has been much appreciated and valued. Peter is our Maintenance Director and oversees the maintenance needs of our centre to ensure that our facility is well maintained as we welcome both the Richmond and the Ukrainian community to our Society.”

Peter Mitchell has been involved in the Richmond and Vancouver area community for decades on Boards for seniors and assisted housing, community centres, sports, community safety and emergency service, veterans affairs, and university and secondary school matters. He is also an active local Rotarian.

He has also been involved planning and coordinating large local events such as the Richmond BC Seniors Games, Richmond Tall Ships, and numerous local festivals, community events, and concerts.

Barbara Anne Rowland

My name is Barbara Rowland. I am a retired teacher who has lived in Richmond Centre since 1985. When we bought our first house Burkeville in 1985, we only planned to stay for a couple of years, but we soon discovered what a great community this is and that Burkeville is a wonderful place to bring up children.

39 years later we are still here! Our children, now in their thirties, fondly remember growing up here. We have all formed special friendships in the community that will last a lifetime. I want to help keep Burkeville the special place it is for the next generation. To support this, I have always been active in the community and helped organize the community to have Sea Island School re- opened in the early 1990s for a growing population of families (unfortunately, Sea Island School has since closed again when enrolment dropped). I have volunteered for 39 years with Sea Island Community Association (SICA) and have been Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) chair at all the schools our children attended. When the community decided to form an official not-for-profit Community Association, I was a founding member and helped write SICA’s its purpose statement: “We improve Sea Island life for the community by bringing people together, being a voice for the community, and influencing programs & projects. We are neighbours who get things done.”

Through volunteering, I have met my neighbours and helped create a fun, supportive community. I enjoy working on special events and programming as I believe that is where the community comes together and grows stronger. I continue to try and get more people involved so that we share the workload and the fun of being part of this community. One of the things I am most proud of, is helping organize “Burkeville Daze” – our annual celebration of community that happens in our park in June. It is wonderful to see many generations out having a good time and chatting with their neighbours. Volunteering is a very rewarding experience that has hopefully helped my community, but it has also enriched my life. I feel very lucky to live in such a caring, fun community where every walk with the dog means chatting with friends and neighbours.

JunXiang Shao

Throughout his career, Junxiang Shao has served the arts with remarkable passion, garnering him recognition and respect. As the founder and curator of the Canada X Arts and Culture Association (Canada X ACA), a non-profit organization under the BC Society Act, Junxiang has taken the lead in various programs for promoting cultural diversity and multiculturalism, preserving traditional arts, and cultivating artistic talent among the youth. He creates interactive programs that connect young and experienced artists to pass on arts and culture, and he encourages artists to participate in the spiritual and cultural life of the community and to integrate diverse arts and cultures.

As a curator, Junxiang curated the “Legend of the Dragon Illustrations 50th Anniversary Exhibition,” which toured across Hong Kong, Canada, and Malaysia. This exhibition celebrated the illustrious career of Mr. Shing On Tsui and his iconic “Legend of the Dragon” series, showcasing over 100 captivating illustrations, original sketches, sculptures, and pyrography. Additionally, Junxiang hosted and curated the reception held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, further highlighting his ability to coordinate momentous cultural events. In addition, Junxiang’s publication of “Shing On Tsui – Legend of the Dragon Illustrations 50th Anniversary Edition” further solidifies his impact on the art world. This comprehensive collection commemorates Mr. Shing On Tsui’s illustrious career and contributions to the art world. 

Furthermore, Junxiang is dedicated to arts education, designing and teaching art courses for students from kindergarten to grade 12. Through innovative teaching methods that combine Eastern and Western artistic traditions, he has helped students develop their creativity and pursue their passion for the arts. As the founder of the Canada X Academy of Art and Design, Junxiang provides aspiring young artists with opportunities to explore their potential and excel in the field of arts and design. Under his guidance, students from the Richmond area achieved remarkable success in the Royal Canadian Legion’s Remembrance Day Poster Contest.

Alaric Wang

I am honored and humbled to accept the nomination for Outstanding Constituent Award for Richmond Centre. Over the past decade, it has been my privilege to be an integral part of the Jessie Wowk Elementary School community. Serving in various capacities within the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), including Treasurer and Chairperson, has been a rewarding experience. I am immensely proud of the strides we have made in building a vibrant and inclusive school community that fosters learning, growth, and connection among students, staff, and families.

Together with the dedicated members of the PAC, we have initiated and supported a whole host of programs and activities that have enriched the experience of every student at Jessie Wowk Elementary. From pancake breakfasts to over half a dozen hot lunches a month, from family skating events to winter celebrations and lunar new year festivities, our commitment to the community is the central to our focus. Our dedication to the extracurricular has seen the introduction of school-wide dance lessons and performances, showcases in various artistic genres, including Indigenous, K-pop, hip hop, and Chinese dance, as well as interpretive dance.

Furthermore, our weeklong student art programs, outdoor education camps, and student leader appreciation initiatives have provided valuable experiences for the learners We have also prioritized community building and support through events such as staff appreciation luncheons, breakfast clubs, sports day luncheons, garden beautification projects and building facade murals I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have played a role in shaping the Jessie Wowk Elementary School community into the thriving and supportive environment it is today. Once again, thank you for this incredible honor.

Steve Yau

My name is Steve Yau. I am the pastor of The Salvation Army Richmond Community Church. Food insecurity, a pervasive issue affecting countless individuals across the nation, is also affecting the homeless and those living on limited incomes in Richmond.

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, my team, consisting of staff and volunteers, has mobilized resources and efforts to provide consistent meals to those in need. The mobile feeding program serves as a lifeline for many individuals struggling to meet their basic nutritional needs. By serving approximately 80 good-tasting nutritious meals each night, four nights a week, at the parking lot of The Caring Place from 7 pm to 9 pm, Tue to Friday, we not only alleviate hunger but also provide a sense of dignity, stability and support to the community. Yet, perhaps the most profound impact of The Salvation Army’s outreach efforts lies in the relationships built and the trust established with the community.

We foster a sense of trust and belonging among individuals who may feel marginalized or forgotten by society. As trust is cultivated over time, individuals are more receptive to the guidance and support offered by our team, including encouragement to seek rehabilitation services to reclaim their lives. Although the problems of food insecurity and homelessness are overwhelming, it is my belief by rallying together as a community, we can overcome even the most daunting challenges, restoring hope and dignity to those in need.


Thank You for Your Outstanding Services.

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