About - Wilson Miao - Member of Parliament of Richmond Centre

About Wilson Miao

Elected in 2021, Wilson Miao is an exemplary community leader and proudly serves as the Member of Parliament for Richmond Centre. Having immigrated from Hong Kong as a child, Wilson’s roots in Richmond run deep, as he has cherished this vibrant city as his beloved home for over 25 years. His unwavering dedication revolves around fostering inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging within the community, all while tirelessly working towards enhancing the lives of the people residing in Richmond Centre.

Before entering politics, Wilson worked in the real estate industry, specializing in residential and commercial real estate. During his time in the field, he actively contributed to the community by working on independent senior living projects. Wilson’s inspiration to run for office came from a desire to help the community and serve the people. He saw the need for better representation and an opportunity to make a difference and is dedicated to following through on his commitments, relying on his team to deliver results for his constituents.

With his firsthand experience of the challenges and opportunities in Richmond, Wilson brings a unique understanding of the diverse community in Richmond Centre. He works tirelessly to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of his constituents are heard and addressed in Ottawa, striving to build a better future for everyone in Richmond Centre. 


About Richmond Centre

Richmond Centre, a federal electoral district in B.C. represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1988 is home to over 107,000 residents that encompasses local communities.  This riding has one of the largest immigrant populations in Canada comprised of a strong cultural diversity represented from around the world.  It is home to local landmarks and a destination for mainstream and ethnic shopping. The community is supported and served by many organizations that enable its residents to live in a fair, inclusive and thriving community.  These organizations and many selfless community members have dedicated themselves to serving others.  Their generosity with their time, skills and donations have truly made a positive impact to many and has made what Richmond Centre is today.